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 Development and maintenance of software for commercial insurance companies

Development and maintenance of software for commercial insurance companies

The SWS’s priority activity is the development and maintenance of software for commercial insurance companies belonging to the UNIQA Insurance Group. It focuses on the INAS system, which is designed to manage the portfolio of insurance products, insurance contracts and claims, client, partner and accounting data. The development of modern web applications linked to other systems used by UNIQA has come to the forefront in recent years. The examples of modern web applications developed in UGSC SWS are portals for clients of UNIQA insurance companies, a tool for strategic management as well as applications for preparation of offers and overview of contracts for corporate clients of UNIQA.

Administration of insurance contracts  and settlement of claims

Administration of insurance contracts
and settlement of claims

The CBS unit, which was established in 2006, deals with the management of insurance contracts and the settlement of claims from clients of the Austrian insurance concern. To put it simply, CBS is the extended arm of the parent insurance company UNIQA Insurance Group based in Vienna. This unit also includes the Human Resources team.

Administration and corporate governance

Administration and corporate governance

The BOS unit ensures the administrative and operational activities of the company as a whole.  It includes the activities of the following departments: General Administration, Controlling, Finance and Accounting, PR and Internal Management.

UNIQA GSC is one of the most important employers in the Nitra region with a positive prospect of further growth.

Its development would not be possible without highly qualified and linguistically trained staff who can handle the high demands on quality of work in a tough international competitive environment. Therefore, the company pays constant attention to continuous professional and language training of employees as well as a rich social program.

Compliance Where we enjoy working

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In the area of Compliance, the internal rules of UNIQA GSC were combined with the legal requirements of the Slovak law, supervision of their observance as well as ethical principles of our company. The Code of Conduct is composed of the core ethical values and rules applicable to all UNIQA GSC employees.

Company management

Dr. Reinhard Böck

Dr. Reinhard Böck Company Executive

responsible for
Cross-Border Service unit

Dipl. - Ing. Thomas Brustbauer

Dipl. - Ing. Thomas Brustbauer Company Executive

responsible for
Software Service unit

 Ing. Tibor Zalabai

Ing. Tibor Zalabai Company Executive

responsible for
Back Office Service unit

History of UNIQA GSC

1991 January

The establishment of Otčina insurance company (UNIQA Slovensko since 2001)

1992 October

Installation of INAS insurance system in Otčina

1996 March

The establishment of InsData spol. s r.o., by separating from Otčina insurance company

1996 September

The commencement of the activities of InsData at Farská ul. 30 in Nitra. Number of employees: 11


The services of INAS system for 4 insurance companies

1997 June

InsData acquires IBM Business Partner status for IBM iSeries

1998 July

InsData takes responsibility for INAS in the UNIQA Group. Number of employees: 13

2001 November

InsData took 31st place in "Deloitte & Touche Central Europe Fast 50" category

2006 September

The expansion of activities by Cross-Border Service in Bratislava. Number of employees: 55

2007 October

A new registered office of InsData at Palárikova ul. 3 in Nitra. Number of employees: 84

2008 December

Number of employees: 156

2009 December

Number of employees: 247

2010 October

Expansion of premises at Mostná ul. 70 in Nitra. Number of employees: 310


InsData celebrates 15th anniversary and its achievements: the development of IT applications for 10 UNIQA insurance companies, irreplaceable support for UNIQA Austria in the administration of insurance contracts and claims. The 350-employee threshold exceeded.

2013 February

Expansion of premises at ul. Fraňa Mojtu 26 in Nitra. Number of employees: 401

2014 December

Number of employees: 377

2015 December

Number of employees: 393

2016 May

InsData celebrates 20th anniversary. The number of employees reached 407.

2017 January

InsData introduces a new and stronger name - UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia, spol. s r.o. to the market.

2017 September

UNIQA Group Service Center Slovakia, spol. s r.o. exceeded the 500-employee threshold

2018 October

Another UNIQA GSC branch at Mostná 54 with 190 employees (CBS unit - Health Insurance Department).

2019 June

Number of employees: 601

2019 October

New branch in Prešov